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I love a catchy title, but this one will go down in infamy - "Hold your wee for a Wii." A Sacramento radio contest for Nintendo's full body video game, Wii, ended in tragedy when one contestant died from drinking too much water.

To win a video game contestants were given bottles of water to drink and the last one to empty his or her bladder would win a Wii.

MSNBC is reporting that while no one knows exactly how much water contestant Jennifer Strange, 28, consumed her autopsy indicates death from water intoxication.

Normal brain function is disrupted when the body's balance of electrolytes is pushed outside of safe limits by a very rapid intake of water creating what is know as water intoxication. If water enters the body more quickly than it can be removed, body fluids are diluted and a potentially dangerous shift in electrolyte balance occurs.

My heart goes out to Strange's three children -- she was hoping to win the game for them.

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