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Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe Review

A Beginning Rock Climbing Shoe: Evolv Elektra

Since I started climbing, I've been loyal to La Sportiva shoes, that is, until a climbing friend gifted me with a pair of Evolv Elektras ($89). After wearing them for about three months, I was so impressed with how the Elektras performed and fit that I gave my BFF — who is a beginning climber — a pair.

Just like in running, there are a huge variety of rock climbing shoes that are designed with the fit and experience of the wearer in mind. The Evolv Elektra falls more into the beginner category, and is a great shoe if you're just learning how to climb. It also works well as an indoor climbing shoe — regardless of your experience — and is currently what I wear when I climb at the gym.

To find out what my likes and dislikes are,


When buying your first climbing shoe, Iook for a few things — performance, fit, and comfort. But if you're first starting out, don't spend a lot of money on a shoe that is more geared towards performance. It's doubtful that you'll be crack climbing a hard route in Yosemite in your first few months, so you want a shoe that is going to perform well in most scenarios, which the Elektra does. It's also pretty darn comfortable, which isn't always the case in a climbing shoe. Even during marathon sessions at the gym, my feet stayed comfortable. And because of the Velcro straps, I could easily take them on and off between climbs. As for fit, hey run a bit narrower than most climbing shoes (a great thing for gals), ensuring a nice, snug feel on the foot.  And they don't stretch like other climbing shoes so they fit right out of the box, and last a long time.

As for my dislikes, I can't really say there are any — it really just comes down to the type of climber you are. I'd pass on these shoes if you're an experienced outdoor trad climber looking for a shoe that's going to work well for heel hooks or crack climbs. But if you're just starting out, or need an all-around sporty shoe that works well for bouldering, sport climbing, or the gym, I'd say to buy these now.

Lauren3185 Lauren3185 7 years
I have these shoes for rock climbing and love them! I got them as part of a "starter" package from my climbing gym in SF and would definitely buy them again. I'm probably not one of those people who will be heading to Yosemite anytime soon so they are perfect for me.
kimretta kimretta 7 years
these are my shoes! I absolutely love them -- I'm on my second pair. I've mostly worn them inside, but they've held up well on a handful of outdoor trips, too. I have narrow heels but a wider toebox, and these shoes fit perfectly (whereas shoes with laces usually gap weirdly at my ankle). I may branch out into other shoes eventually, but I'm going to push the Elektras as far as they'll go!
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