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Exercise DVD Review: Billy Blanks Full Throttle Amped

Move It At Home: Billy Blanks Full Throttle Amped

Did you know that Billy Blanks is still kicking ol’ school? He just released a new series of DVDs and the other night I checked out Billy Blanks Amped ($17.99). I was impressed that the DVD wasn’t over produced and you could tell that the workout was shot in one take with many cameras, so the folks exercising on the DVD were working with you. Billy Blanks does not slow down. He has, however, lost the ability to count and has hired a young, cute but fierce, fitness professional to count on set for him. Together they make quite a team.

The workout is tough and when using the amplifier sculpting bar, an extendable hand weight, it gets even tougher. The amplifier weighs just a little over three pounds (according to my kitchen scale).The workout is shot with only half the class participants using the amplifiers, so if you don’t have one there is still plenty for you to do. The class goes through many kick boxing motions at different speeds, so you're working both your endurance and your speed, your slow muscle fibers as well as the quick twitch. Bouts of straight up kick boxing moves are thrown into the mix ensuring that your heart rate stays in the upper zone of moderate and the lower zone of intense. I wore my trusty heart rate monitor and burned well over 300 calories for my time investment of just under 60 minutes low impact.

I love that you can see everyone sweating. It inspires you to work hard. Blanks likes to get up close to the camera and tell you to push harder and not to give up. It is part Mr. T, part inspiring coach and oddly effective.

To see what the amplifier looks like, just

You can order this DVD from Amazon. Or you could go for the entire Amped package for $39.95, which includes 5 DVDs, the amplifier body sculpting bar, and other health perks!

Spectra Spectra 9 years
I love Tae Bo! I had no idea Shellie was his stepdaughter...that's awesome. She's in REALLY good shape! I might have to order this. Tae Bo never fails to kick my ass.
Fitness Fitness 9 years
Thanks for filling me in on the family relations!
terrywagner123 terrywagner123 9 years
I just got a flat screen tv, so I'm gonna try this video. meow
dollymama dollymama 9 years
Yay, I love Tae Bo... I do it 5 days a week! I prefer the resistance bands over the "amplifier" but I wish there were more dvds that don't require a tool. Oh, the cute counting girl is Billy's daughter Shellie (step-daughter). She is in a inspiration to me as she is also a mommy to twins + more.
DreadlocCowgirl DreadlocCowgirl 9 years
I love working out with Billy and his daughter Shellie. I recently purchased the amped package from Borders Books. I had a coupon and used my Borders Bucks. I'm so happy & I love it. I love watching all the different people working out with Billy. He's the best instructor out there!
bgirl bgirl 9 years
billy blanks' dvd's ALWAYS kick my butt, but i always feel so good after them! my friends and i challenge each other to make it through the entire dvd whenever we put him on!
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