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Exercise Labels May Be More Effective Than Nutrition Labels

Calories in, calories out — it's not so much that it's confusing, but that it can be hard to keep track of it all. What if, instead, nutritional labels did all the work for you, by including the amount of exercise it would take to burn off all those calories in the food?

A new study found that when teenagers were shown just how many minutes of exercise it takes to burn off a can of soda, the number of people who reached for the sodas fell by 50 percent. In fact, the teens were less likely to buy the sodas if they were shown a sign saying that it would take 50 minutes of exercise to burn one can of soda off than if they were shown a sign that told them that the sodas were each 250 calories.

Thinking in terms of your workout can be an effective way of practicing healthy eating. After all, if you know how much sweat and energy it takes to burn 300 calories, you may be less likely to mindlessly reach for the office candy jar while you work.

Does calculating calories in terms of how much you exercise work for you?

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dashsuede dashsuede 5 years
I think if you care about that kind of info, you would already know how to guess the math in your head based on your workouts. And if you don't work out, you probably don't care what the label says.
crazylovevbug crazylovevbug 5 years
The only issue with this is that it would be based on an average person's height and weight, so what if a person is much shorter or much taller. I think calories make more sense.
KeLynns KeLynns 5 years
It may be effective, but I don't think it's really accurate. Most of the calories you burn every day are your BMR. I can have a total couch potato day and still burn off a soda and about a thousand more calories just by existing. I know that this isn't really news, but if you put exercise labels on soda and cookies and whatever, you're giving the false impression that the only way to be able to "afford" to eat them is to go to the gym, when in reality it's much easier to "afford" them just by cutting calories somewhere else. So I guess...if thinking this way works for somebody, awesome! But I don't think it's a realistic way to look at calories, so if I saw these sort of label's I'd just ignore them.
yogarunlive yogarunlive 5 years
This makes sense to me...calories may seem like a worthless number - that is, until someone sees that something that takes a couple of minutes to eat or drink can take an hour or more to burn off!
Karli-Mullane Karli-Mullane 5 years
ooh that's interesting... I would probably steer clear of more things if I knew I'd have to spend an hour on the treadmill to burn it off!
jeannie5050 jeannie5050 5 years
that would help me alot
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