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Exercise Music For Running From an OnSugar Blog

A Reader's Playlist Tested on a Trial Run

Find musical inspiration for your next run from the OnSugar blog Fitter Happier

Music is really important to me when I'm working out.  It makes me feel like running and it gives me that push when I'm feeling tired. I recently read a really good post by runningnina on FitSugar about musical motivation and it's so true for me. I'm not even sure I could run without music. For me, a great running tune has to be upbeat and fast; I also like a few angry hard-hitting rock or rap songs in there.  I was playing around with my playlist on iTunes the other day and managed to delete my whole running playlist from my iPod! Did you know that you can't restore a playlist if it's not saved anywhere other than your iPod? No, neither did I. I took my mistimed click as an opportunity to create a new one, which is OK as my old playlist was getting a bit tired.

Sometimes you don't know how good a song will be to run to until you play it, so I (literally) gave it a trial run on Sunday.  The list goes like this:

"La La La" — LMFAO (I actually love all of this album for running, you just can't take it seriously)


"Yes" — LMFAO

"Somebody Else's Guy" — Jocelyn Brown

"American Boy" — Estelle ft Kanye

"EZ Pass" — Har Mar Superstar

"Stronger" — Kanye

To see who else makes an appearance on this fun playlist, head to over Fitter Happier. While you're at it, why not start your own running blog on OnSugar?

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dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
Not going to lie, Britney Spears Greatest Hits is pretty awesome to run too...I also like running to Fergie and Pink (So What and some of her older stuff)
preppygirl75 preppygirl75 6 years
great songs. Added them to my Ipod. Thanks!
fitlaura fitlaura 6 years
Thanks, I'll have to check that one out. I have to keep updating my list too, I overplay songs and they stop 'working' for me after a while!
MindayH MindayH 6 years
Do What You Like by Bad Boy Bill is my favorite song to run to...but I will definitely check out some of these songs...distance running requires constant updates on my workout list!
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