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Exercise Plan: 100 Push-Ups in 6 Weeks

There's the 8-week Couch to 5K running program and the Zero to a Mile six-week swim program, and now there's a push-up plan for you to follow. It is guaranteed to increase your upper body strength in a month and a half. The goal? One hundred consecutive push-ups! I can see you smiling through the blogosphere.

It doesn't matter how push-up proficient you are right now. If you follow the six-week program, 100 consecutive push-ups are in your near future.

Before starting the program, you need to determine where you rank strength-wise. Complete as many push-ups as you can. For example, if you can do 10 push-ups, you're in Rank 2. If you fall into Rank 1, you may want to consider doing the alternative push-ups instead, with your knees are on the ground (these still work your upper body). If you ranked 6 or 7, you may want to do more difficult push-ups where your legs are on an incline.

The plan requires that you work out three days a week, resting between each day (so Monday, Wednesday, Friday works well). For each workout, you complete five sets of push-ups at your level, and each day, you progressively increase the number you can accomplish. At the end of the six weeks, you should be strong enough to take on the final test and execute 100 push-ups. To find out more details about this training program, check out the 100 pushups website.

Are you going to do it? I am. So drop and give me as many as you can.


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