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Exercise Safety Tip: Take a Self Defense Course

I recently polled you guys about skipping workouts due to not feeling safe, and I've been giving you all sorts of tips on how to make your outdoor exercises safe.

User nikodarling shared her own great safety tip that I wanted to make sure everyone saw:

"Ladies - if you do go out running or walking at night, or even during the day I hope you will take a self defense course. I took one when I was in college at the urging of a friend. I hated feeling like everyone was out to get me when I first took it, but it is really good to know how to handle certain situations. And some of the tips they give you are so obvious and simple, yet we rarely put them into effect in day to day life. Even if you feel like your neighborhood is safe or you know what to - please consider it if you haven't done so."

Great tip, thank you for sharing. Still dragging your feet? Well you'll end up burning a ton of calories while learning the basics of defending yourself. Have you ever taken a self defense course?


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