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Exercise Safety Tip: Watch the Weather

Yesterday my husband and I were out the door, ready and excited for a run after work, only to find out that the fog had suddenly rolled in. Ah, the joys of living in San Francisco.

My husband was bound and determined to run, but I put my foot down — it was just too foggy. Cars hardly see us as it is in the dark (or daylight for that matter), let alone with the addition of heavy fog. This got me thinking about safety since we've been talking a lot about it here on FitSugar. Something to consider before exercising outdoors is inclement weather.

Trust me, I love to hear when someone is motivated enough to get a workout in that they will endure rain or snow, but sometimes you have to take your own safety into consideration. Rain, snow, fog, and even, sunset/sunrise can impede even the most careful driver's skills. Sure it's not a big deal to run in a little drizzle, but if it's really raining, and you're a road runner, better pop in a DVD or hit the treadmill this one time. Use your best judgment and make sure you put your safety first.

Fit's tip: If you choose to workout in such weather, it is important that you wear clothing that allows you to be visible to motorists.


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