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I have heard from more than a few people (Sugar users, friends, neighbors) that they're so stressed and this stress has zapped their energy. They feel fatigued, irritable, and unmotivated. I ask them if they have exercised. The answer is invariably, "No." Let me assure you that is not the answer I want to hear.

Exercise is an important element for reducing the damage chronic stress can do to your body. Even the American Psychological Association believes in the power of exercise for dealing with both the physical and emotional toll of stress. If you feel fatigued by your stress, try taking a 20-minute walk. That is all it takes to start to feel the stress relief and energy lift exercise can provide. DrSugar suggests exercise as a prescription for stress fatigue too.

I think the fact that moderate exercise has been shown to improve people's moods for two to four hours post exercise illustrates the power of the mind body connection. You may feel exhausted by the stress hormones floating around in your veins, but a little exercise will improve your mood and decrease your stress level. Plus, exercise helps you sleep more soundly at night and when combating a sense of fatigue you need to get your restful Zs.

If you need help motivating for stress relief, check out these five ways to walk for stress relief. You really will feel better after moving your body around. Try it!


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runningesq runningesq 8 years
Right on sour :) Even if I don't feel like going when I'm lacing up my shoes, I ALWAYS feel better after a run!
sourcherry sourcherry 8 years
This is actually the reason why I work out. Every study about depression, anxiety, stress, etc. says that exercice is one of the best ways to fight those conditions. Overall, exercise is the path to a healthy mind and mental well being. Who doesn't want that?;)
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