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Exercise Swap Out: Inner and Outer Thighs

If there are two machines (or sometimes it is just one machine) that I refuse to use at the gym they are the abductor/adductor machines.

These machines require you to either spread your legs as far as they can from a closed knees position, or start with your legs spread wide open and close them, over and over again. Doesn't get any more suggestive than that, now does it? Both, in my opinion, are pretty embarrassing and I always catch some meat-head (albeit usually my husband) snickering while watching someone use these machines. Plus, I am not even sure these machines do my thighs justice anyway.

Here's the good news: You can still work your inner and outer thighs without succumbing to this highly embarrassing piece of equipment by doing a few sets of a killer Pilates exercise called ronde de jambe (leg circles) where you basically draw a big circle with your leg.
Here's how you do it: Lay on your right side, legs extended and slightly in front of you. Bring your left left leg forward as far as you can. Continue moving your leg, circling it up to the side as close to your ear as possible. Keep circling the leg behind you, lower the leg. Then return to the starting position with the legs together. That is one circle. Now do 4 more, then reverse circling the leg in the other direction for five more reps. Turn onto your left side and repeat with your right leg.

This is a great way to work both your adductor and abductor muscles (inner and outer thigh) Plus it's perfectly G-rated for the gym, even with the meatiest of the meat-heads watching you.


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