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Exercise Tip: Make a Schedule and Stick to it!

So you may not be the world's most organized person, but when it comes to getting in shape, the only way to do it is to plan for it. You've got to sit down and make yourself an exercise schedule.

When you're done, post it wherever you need to in order to get motivated to follow it. Plaster copies on your corkboard at work, on your home fridge, and on your bathroom mirror. Heck, pass them out to your family members and friends too, so they can help you follow it. You can also fill in your daily planner (if you don't have one, now's a great time to get one) with times and fitness activities that you have planned out, so you have daily reminders.

It's not enough to think that you want to get in shape, you've got to make an effort every single day. So if you can map out your week, and break it down by day, it'll feel easier to accomplish.

Want to see an example of my exercise schedule? Then

It took me a while to fill up my schedule with all this fun stuff. Don't feel like you need to jump into 50 million different activities all at once. Start off small, maybe with three 20-minute walks a week. Then you can add to it if you need to, and when you feel ready.

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday 6:30 am: walk the dog (20 min) 6 pm:Yoga Class (90 min)
Tuesday 6:30 am: walk the dog (20 min) 12 pm: run, bike, or use gym machines (30 min)
Wednesday 6:30 am: walk the dog (20 min) 6 pm: Pilates Class (60 min)
Thursday 6:30 am: walk the dog (20 min) 12 pm: run, bike, or use gym machines (30 min)
Friday 6:30 am: walk the dog (20 min) 4 pm: walk with my girlfriends (60 min) 8 pm: walk the dog (20 min)
Saturday 7:30 am: walk the dog (20 min) 10 am: day hike, family bike ride, swimming - something physical with the whole fam (1-3 hours)
Sunday 7:30 am: walk the dog (20 min)

Fit's Tips: If you sign up for an exercise class or a gym membership with your friends, you can help motivate each other to go.


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