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Exercise Twice a Day to Tone Up For Summer

Want to Tone Up Fast? Work Out Twice in One Day

It's May now, and within a month it'll be bathing suit, shorts, and sleeveless dress season. If you're feeling like you need to tone up, then kick your workouts up a notch and exercise twice a day. Go for a jog in the morning and take a yoga class after work. Or hit the pool before work and follow up with a 20-minute strength-training circuit before dinner. Another possibility is a gym workout at lunch break and a fitness video a couple hours before bedtime. Working out twice in one day will burn more calories, curb your hunger, and work your muscles double time. Not only will you feel better about how you look, but you'll also have more energy and sleep better.


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BrittL BrittL 5 years
Ive been doing two-a-days for a little while now, an hour before work and an hour after work, i am single and childless though. My usual hour a day wasnt cutting it anymore. i stopped seeing results. it has def made a differance with my muscle tone and definition. i also worried maybe i was getting a little obsessive...until i found this site. oh, it has also helped with my insomnia and blood pressure.
VeeKeeTee VeeKeeTee 8 years
is it possible to over train yourself?
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
I think this is just as effective as doing one really long workout a if you do an hour in the morning and an hour at night, why not just do two hours in the afternoon after work? Maybe there is some sort of metabolism benefit, but I just don't have the time/energy to do 2x a day!
rebelkate rebelkate 8 years
I am not a morning person at all but I have been trying to roll out onto the floor when I wake up and do some push-ups, sit-ups, etc. before I hit the shower. No way I could run before work. I love my 8pm runs though.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
teegaall teegaall 8 years
I used to do my regular morning workouts every day and have evening workouts three days of the week. Since I've started working though, I've been too tired to do those extra evening workouts.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
last year i used to work out twice a day, and the lbs melted off. yay! then my family and bf said I was getting to "obsessed" with working out and had to cut back. . . boo. i definitely want to get back into twice daily workouts. i feel so much better during the day and invigorated in the evening after a good work out. :sigh:
Zulkey Zulkey 8 years
yeah, right.
ovenmitt ovenmitt 8 years
i feel really daft about this. . . i do cardio and strength training daily. so, is this suggestion to do my regular workout in the morning and then one part again in the afternoon, or to split my workout so i'm just doing cardio in the am and strength in the pm? i know i should get this...
WriterChick54 WriterChick54 8 years
Now that I've seen several people say this "melted" the weight off of them, I might have to give this a go. I mean... I live across the street from the gym, it's not like it's hard for me to get over there. Question though: I work out five days a week, sometimes six, should I do this every day or just two workouts a day, three times a week. That'll work right?
mondaymoos mondaymoos 8 years
Well, maybe if you involved the hubby/child in one of the workouts, it wouldn't be so bad... It doesn't even have to be a typical workout... play frisbee in the park, go for a hike, etc... stuff that's fun so they wouldn't feel neglected. And you can still get your early morning run/evening weight training. :)
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
sugar, will you let me borrow your machine that stops time so I can fit in an extra workout into my theres-not-enough-time-as-it-is schedule? :)
jessy777 jessy777 8 years
I try to workout twice a day. I do a lunch cardio workout and an evening cardio/strength training workout or yoga. When I was really trying to loose a lot of weight it helped it to come of quicker.
missyd missyd 8 years
I hear ya, Misskacie. I did it too once for a while. Hubby got a little fed up and felt neglected due to my constant career schedule and work outs. I was barely ever home. I realized he was very right and felt bad, so I cut the workouts back down to an hour a day. I think this lifestyle may be more for the single or childless, not sure. Not only is it time consuming but like doogirl above said as well, for someone trying to raise kids as well, it can be energy draining too I imagine
misskacie misskacie 8 years
I tried this for six weeks, once. Even with all the extra calories I was falling asleep at work and whenever I was at home, leaving a very hungry and lonely husband. I think I must push myself too hard at the gym to do to additional "proper" exercise (I'm pretty darn active outside the gym, too). More power to anyone who pulls it off, though!
Anais18 Anais18 8 years
That's what I usually do, except I don't have the time to workout twice a day, so I simply combine my cardio with my strength-training/Yoga/Pilates. I walk briskly for 30-40 minutes and then I lift weights/Practice Yoga or Pilates for an extra hour. I do this 5-6 days a week and it makes me feel and look great :-)
tamaradulva tamaradulva 8 years
I do two-a-days four days a week. It's usually 45 minutes of low- or medium-impact cardio with 20 minutes of strength training or 35-45 minutes of flexibility training. Sometimes does 30-minute workouts just don't cut it.
tsp tsp 8 years
i'm already working this plan! have a wedding in a month and a dress i want to look good in. it's easy when i do a bike commute...that's a built in 2-a-day. i'll also run early, swim later...or do in an early bike ride and evening yoga (my wednesday plan). i have a hard time dragging myself indoors for anything other than weights these days (it's SO nice out!) but that's an easy one to squeeze into an evening.
audrina audrina 8 years
Oh Gosh, this sounds great but I have a hard enough time trying to work out daily and sticking with it, let alone working out twice a day!
CeeBee CeeBee 8 years
I like this idea, if time permits. Sometimes when I get in an early morning workout, by the time I get home from work I feel like I hadn't even worked out and could definitely do it again!
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
I wish I could do stuff outside. It's already in the 100's here. I would love to jog in the morn and then strength train in the evening. Maybe if I wake up REAL early
Spectra Spectra 8 years
This definitely works for me. I do cardio in the morning and strength training or a mini-workout in the evening.
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