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Exercises For Back

These Are the 5 Strength-Training Exercises That Totally Transformed My Back

When I started lifting weights for the first time, I didn't really think about how my back would change. I expected to get leaner legs, a flatter belly, and toned arms — and I did. But I didn't realize that my back muscles would show up eventually, and that I'd be more confident than ever in backless dresses.

I focused on training my back once every week, and it really paid off. These are the five exercises I did to get a toned, strong back:

  • Pull-Up: You can start doing them assisted and slowly work your way up to a strict pull-up.
  • Bent-Over Row: I like to use a barbell for this exercise, but you can also use dumbbells.
  • Lat Pull-down: Focus on pulling with your back muscles, not your arms.
  • Narrow Cable Row: Squeeze the muscles in your middle back.
  • Single-Arm Dumbbell Row: You can probably go heavier here than you think! Don't pull the weight too high; you want your arm to stop in line with your body. Any higher than that and you take the work out of your lat muscle.

I usually do four sets of 10-12 reps, and if the last two reps aren't very difficult, you probably need to go a little heavier with your weight. A stronger, sexier back is on its way!

Image Source: Gina Florio
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