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Exercises to Do at the Beach

Just Beachy Exercises For the Summer Sun

Welcome Summer! Today marks the official start of the season, which may mean you've scheduled a steady agenda of fun-in-the-sun activities. But before you head to the beach with nothing but your iPod, sunscreen, and a Summer reading list, why not prepare for spending a few minutes out of the day exercising on the beach? You'll be able to take advantage of the cooler coastal weather to exercise outside without overheating, all while being able to check your workout off your to-do list.

Don't worry though, these beach exercises won't take over your relaxing beach day. Read on for ways you can burn calories at the beach, a few minutes at a time!

  • Run intervals. Running in the sand is a great workout because it includes built-in resistance. Spend just a few minutes running using that resistance (plus any incline while you run back up from the water). Make a goal to sprint back and forth for a set time, and you'll burn 30 percent more calories than running the same amount of time on the road. Be careful; however, running on sand requires a lot of lower body strength, especially in the ankles. Take 184 calories burned in 60 minutes for a 140-pound person), kick around a soccer ball, or bust out the badminton rackets (153 calories burned in 30 minutes for a 150-pound person) — whatever gets you up and moving.
  • Work your core. Finished your beach read? Stretch out and get to working your core. One of the best ways to strengthen and define your abs is with the plank, and the good news is that you don't have to leave your towel to do it. More good news: there are many variations of the plank to keep you from getting bored while you work on your midsection. Check out these plank variations; try the Dolphin Plank or the Side Plank Leg Lifts for options that work well on the sand and in no time you'll be wanting to show off your hard work with even more bikini-clad trips to the beach!
  • Go for a swim. After all that hard work, a dip in the water may be in order. If the waves are welcoming, pop into the water for a quick freestyle swim that'll rev up your heart rate and keep you cool at the same time. Swimming in the ocean for just 30 minutes burns about 255 calories for a 140-pound person, and is a great all-over body workout as well.

Do you ever exercise at the beach, or is it your time to sit back and relax?

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