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Exercises to Do While Watching TV

Couch Potato Fitness: Exercises For TV Time

If the 2012 Summer Olympics has you glued to your TV, that doesn't mean you're also stuck sinking into your couch. Be inspired by the athletes, get off your tush, and do these quick and easy exercises.

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  • Couch Triceps Dips: Sit on the edge of your couch or coffee table and rest your hands on the edge so your fingertips are pointing away from you. Walk your feet out so your pelvis is hanging out in the air. Slowly bend your elbows backward to lower your hips to the floor and then slowly straighten your arms. Do two sets of 15.

Keep reading to learn some more TV-friendly exercises!

  • Side Couch Crunches: To work your obliques, lie on the couch on your left side (use a mat on the floor if your couch isn't firm enough). Put your right hand behind your head and point your elbow to the ceiling. You can also rest your left arm across your waist. Contract your side oblique muscles and lift your shoulder off the couch — attempting to bring your rib cage to your hip. Hold this position and then lower slowly. Repeat 10 times and then switch sides.
  • Floor Scissor Abs: Lie on the floor with both hands under your head and your low back pressed into the floor (yep, you have to use your abs to do this!). Raise both legs into the air. Slowly lower your left leg down until it almost touches the floor and then slowly bring it back up to meet your right leg. Repeat with your right leg. After 10 repetitions with each leg, try doing both legs at once — you'll really feel it in your abs! If your low back pops off the floor, you have lowered your leg too far. Check out this video demonstrating this intense ab move.
  • Quadruped: To give your booty and abs a nice workout, get on all fours in front of your couch and do this ab move. Bring your left knee as close to your chin as possible (curl your neck into meet it), then slowly extend your leg out but don't let your belly sag to the ground. Hold your leg in the extended position for a few seconds really engaging your glutes. Keep repeating for 20 reps, then switch legs. Do two sets of 20 repetitions on each leg. When you are finished, get in a Child's Pose to allow your body to rest for a few minutes.

Tell me, what do you do in front of the TV? Are you active or are you a potato?

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