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Exercises to Stay Toned During the Holiday Season

Tone It Up's Holiday Baking Workout

The Tone It Up girls just posted a cookie baking workout video in the FitSugar Community. Get ready to shake and bake.

Happy holidays Fitsugar friends!!  We have a fun workout for you!  

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If you're going to be spending hours in the kitchen this holiday season, then this is the perfect solution for you. Try these exercises to Tone Up while having fun in the kitchen!

For more details on these baking moves, keep on reading.

Fit in these exercises to Tone Up!

tone it up girls

1.  One of our favorite creative ways to workout at home is to start out with the rolling pin!! Use your rolling pin as a self-massage tool for myofascial release.


2.  Use the rolling pin as an ab roller on your counter top!

3.  Everyone has paper towels! Cut up those thighs and tone up your buns by doing the curtsy lunges.

4.  Isometric "heat waves" to tone up your legs!

5.  Shake dance while you blend!

6.  Clean up those crumbs with our bum crumb lunge.



Share with us your goals for the new Year!!


Happy holidays!! See you soon.

-Karena and Katrina

FitSugar community

For more great videos and healthy living tips, be sure to join the Tone It Up community group.

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ferreefitness ferreefitness 6 years
Tavery and Sammy I could not agree with you two more! I love always being sore the next day after one of there workouts! I just started their diet plan and I have more energy then ever!
sammyflirt sammyflirt 6 years
Totally agreed tavery. I just got their new DVD from Target and it kicked my butt!!! I love these girls.
tavery tavery 6 years
Honestly, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. This is clearly just a fun workout they created for the holidays when everyone's too busy to exercise... it may seem silly, but it really works! You should check out their other stuff cuz they're legit. They have dvds and fitness equipment in Target and are part of Jane Fonda's Workout team. Tone It Up has been a huge help in me becoming healthier and reaching my weight loss goals... seriously, try one of their circuit videos!
thenekoling thenekoling 6 years
definitely not the only one, chickonspeed
Chickonspeed Chickonspeed 6 years
Is this supposed to be funny ? Am I the only one to find this both stupid and lame ?
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