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On my way to spin class last night, I decided to hightail it home. The evening weather was unusually warm, which inspired me to grab my bike and ride to the beach instead. The nine-mile bike ride wasn't as regimented — or intense — as a spin class, but I did get the payoff of spending sunset at the ocean. I also made sure to not treat it like a casual Sunday morning ride; I kept a fast pace on my way there, and, on the way back, I climbed a pretty steady incline. I also gave myself just a few minutes to enjoy the sunset while stretching — I didn't want to take too long of a break and let my heart rate drop!

The rowing machine, stationary bike, and treadmill are just a few of the gym machines that mimic outdoor activities. And while I always choose real life over being a gym rat, it's not a universal truth. There are many people I know who dislike the unexpected challenges that exercising outdoors can present — rainstorm, anyone? And, for people on a weight-loss program, the formulaic benefits of being in a class may far outweigh a beautiful sunset.

Where do you stand when in comes to your workouts?

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GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 5 years
I love being active outside more than anything else. Interestingly enough, breathing hard in an air conditioned room gives me headaches - I'd rather be in fresh air! We actually went on a hike in the rain the other day and it was INCREDIBLE. Almost nobody else around and everything smelled so fresh, and the water falls were raging harder than the last time we visited them. I'm trying to use that as motivation to continue biking to work even as the weather turns - I just need breaks that'll serve me better in the rain and some waterproof saddle bags!
amber512 amber512 5 years
I love working out in the gym, that way I can never get unmotivated by the weather!
Susi-May Susi-May 5 years
I much prefer to bike and run outside. But occasionally I do crave a treadmill run — they're great for tempo workouts.
fitnessfenatic fitnessfenatic 5 years
This is a very interesting question as illove being outdoors, on the beach or hiking, but unfortunately, i live in the city and time is just not that flexible so i have grown to love the gym and use it to my advantage! i still look forward to hitting the beach every now and then and taking in the fresh air! But the gym is a great and easy way of staying fit!
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