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Exercising With Seasonal Allergies: It's a Sneeze

Exercising With Seasonal Allergies: It's a Sneeze

The warm weather brings me outdoors to exercise; since pollen is blowing around, it can also bring on an allergy attack. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, check out these tips when it comes to exercise.

  • After exercising outdoors, strip off your clothes immediately. Be sure to wash everything before wearing them again to get rid of any pollen. Wash your hair as well to remove pollen that could cause a postexercise reaction.
  • Be aware of the pollen count outside. Pollen counts are usually highest in late morning and early afternoon, and when it's warm, dry, and breezy. Pollen counts are lowest on rainy, cooler days.
  • When pollen counts are high, exercise indoors and use an air conditioner to keep you cool instead of opening windows.
  • Use a neti pot before and after exercising to flush out pollen and mucus from your nose.
  • Take a hot shower before working out. Not only will it warm up your muscles, but the steam can help relieve sinus and nasal congestion.
  • If those two didn't help, do some heat-building workouts like running or Ashtanga yoga. Increasing your body temperature through exercise will help thin out the mucus, making it easier to get rid of.


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ivygreene ivygreene 8 years
uh, spring time means no exercise outdoors, too horrible for the allergies and asthma. taking a shower after having to be outside is really helpful though!
rodrive rodrive 8 years
Dealing with allergies is hard, especially when they are severe, like mine :( I have tried most of these but not the hot shower. Thanks.
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