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Explanation of Hand Positions For Spinning

Spinning Hands Cheat Sheet

When the ground is covered with snow, getting your fitness on outdoors can be quite a challenge. Spinning is one of the best ways to keep your cardio up during the cold months of Winter without braving the elements, so be sure to check out a class. Like every workout, though, there is some jargon involved, and some spin instructors throw out numbers for the hand positions without explaining exactly where you are supposed to grip the handlebars. Not all classes use these hand positions, but if you take a class trademarked as Spinning, you will likely hear these numbers coming from your spin instructor as she tells you to stand and sprint. Here is a little cheat sheet so you know where your hands go while you pedal away.

  • Position 1: Hands placed in the center of the handles. You can place the hands one on top of the other in this position. This is a good spot when warming up, cooling down, or recovering from a sprint interval.
  • Position 2: Hands are just inside the upward curve on the handle bars. This is where your hands will most likely be for most of the class.
  • Position 3: Hands hold on to the top of the handles. This position should really only be used when standing for a climb. If you use it seated, you can strain your back.

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