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Explanation of Tinnitus, Ear Buzzing

Jingle Ear

They say that when your ears are burning someone is talking about your, but when your ears are ringing that is a different issue altogether. That jingling and ringing in your ears is called tinnitus and it is fairly common.

Everyone experiences once in a while for a few minutes at a time, but for a few the buzzing is constant and recurring. It can be caused by a wide variety of things, from ear wax to anxiety, from cranking your iPod to 11 or a middle ear infection. Blood flow problems can also make your ears jingle, buzz, and ring, and tinnitus could be a sign of high blood pressure. If you notice that it persistently happens in only one ear, it could be a sign of an auditory nerve problem and you should visit your doctor.

Take care of your ears since they are the only ear you have. Protect them from loud noises and were ear plugs at rock concerts and don't crank the volume on your iPod either. Don't stick anything smaller than your elbow into your ear canal either. If you experience a constant buzz, you will probably find the website of the American Tinnitus Association web page helpful.


Antioxidant Antioxidant 8 years
Tinnitus is not fun. In high school I would stupidly listen to my CD player with the volume turned all the way up (hey, the bus was noisy!) and over the years all the concerts have not helped. After one concert a few years ago, the ringing would not stop. It drove me up a wall and I was so scared. Like others have said, wear earplugs at concerts or loud events (bring them if you're not sure about the volume) and don't blast ANY music, be it through headphones or speakers. Thankfully, my symptoms have eased up and it's not so noticible. Oh, and apparently there is something in tea (black, green, white, oolong) that is supposed to help with tinnitus. So drink up!
bushra bushra 8 years
prior to going on maternity leave i was a heavy earphone user for nearly ten years, so it was no wonder my ears were ringing. but after i had my boy i wasn't commuting or at my desk, so the ipod was just gathering dust. and surprise surprise the ringing has gone. now i'm back at work i try not to listen to my mp3 player too much.
agmon agmon 8 years
the best thing for Ear infection or swimmers ear is the eardoc. With the Eardoc there relay inst any problem. as it is non invasive and it treats the problem and not the symptoms
plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 8 years
ko that elbow comment makes NO sense to me - how can I stick my elbow in my ear canal? Is this your way of saying don't put anything in your ear canal??? My Dad and Uncle have tinnitus and it has really affective both of them socially. They can't go to large parties or certain restaurants, and sometimes even dinner with more than 4 people is overly distracting. They just have a really hard time hearing, and too many noises exasberates it. I just invested $55 in a pair of sound cancelling ear plugs and now only need to play my iPod at 1/3 of the volume I had it at before.
millarci millarci 8 years
I wore earplugs at a concert and it was so much more enjoyable!
sonya-ina sonya-ina 8 years
I was diagnosed with tinnitus years ago. I got it from going to way too many shows and not wearing any hearing protection. The first time I noticed it I swore I had a cricket stuck in my ear canal (silly). so I went to an ear, nose and throat specialist and he discovered the problem. In fact, I've lost quite a bit of hearing in the high end frequencies :[ So, WEAR EARPLUGS!
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I'm sitting in my room which is very quiet right now, and after reading this, it made me notice the slight ringing in my ears. haha.
katiedid0985 katiedid0985 8 years
I have this, a result of accidentally puncturing one of my eardrums years ago. Luckily it's usually not very noticeable to me except when things are really quiet, but even then I guess I've gotten used to it.
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