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FDA Issues Consumer Update On Triclosan

FDA Issues Consumer Update on Triclosan

Not too long ago, the Canadian Medical Association proposed a ban on triclosan, an ingredient found in many antibacterial products that is used to stop the growth of bacteria. Now, the FDA has issued a consumer update, acknowledging that safety concerns over the ingredient warranted a review.

The report acknowledges that triclosan is not known to be a hazard to humans, but following new research, some studies have shown it can alter hormone regulation in animals. Plus, it could contribute to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics, which is why the Canadian Medical Association proposed the ban. For now, the FDA is calling triclosan safe to use, so there's no need to worry about tossing your antibacterial products. But, the FDA has not found evidence that products containing triclosan provide a health benefit over triclosan-free products, so eliminating the stuff from your supply of toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizers, and more won't do any harm, either. In a statement issued Friday, Canada declined to say whether or not they agree with the FDA's stance.

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