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Is It FIT For News?

For some reason this week's news was full of truly bizarre "health" stories. The following stories really caught my eye, piqued my interest or made me squirm (the top headline especially).

Man Eats Live Frogs and Rats for Health - from AOL News

On Yahoo News there is a great article on a man suing Boost Energy Drink maker Novartis AG for long lasting, yet unwanted arousal caused by the energy drink. Seems it gave him an unrelenting boost where it wasn't wanted.

Vancouver doctors report rare finding of man whose blood was green - from

If you thought you did some wacky things in your youth to get a tan read these: Tan tales that could make a dermatologist cry on - they will inspire you to wear lots and lots of sunscreen.

I think this headline understates what is really going on, since death threats were involved: Obesity expert takes heat from Sparks fans - from

Join The Conversation
Theimmortality Theimmortality 8 years
nasty people eatin' frogs...
jaclynloro jaclynloro 10 years
this is probably tmi, but I used to hook up with a guy who used Monster energy drink as an arousal booster. It was very obnoxious. Because we would hang out and he'd start drinking a monster and suddenly it was that time.
SU3 SU3 10 years
LIVE frogs and rats?! really? :SICK: 20 mice in one day??? I just may pass out...
beks78 beks78 10 years
Man that article on tanning has curbed my desire to go out in the sun without lotion on. I loved to as a kid but really it's so damaging it's amazing. (Can't help but feel a little disappointed though cuz it feels so good!)
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