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FITERACY: The New Approach Against Childhood Obesity

We all know by now that childhood obesity has become a major problem in kids these days. The problem is, with kids, you are dealing with much more delicate creatures than us already jaded adults.

There is already a current proposal to give children a health check (report card) to highlight their health characteristics when they start school to pinpoint children who are 'overweight' or 'obese'. Professor Cambourne, an internationally recognized expert in children's learning, agrees with the need to intervene but the method of intervention is as critical to the results achieved. Professor Cambourne stated:

Labeling children in this way could have damaging consequences on their future development and their likelihood of becoming involved in health-enhancing physical activity. Before you place a label on a child that may consequently separate them from their peers thus creating anxiety, it is important to be aware of the environment they have grown up in so real solutions for families can be offered.

Basically stated: Sending a check up home stating the child is obese will have major psychological effects later in life. Amen. Therefore Cambourne has created FITERACY is a way of thinking that looks at how to set up learning environments for children and their parents to make physical activity a key part of their lives, rather than just pointing fingers. Look for this in our kids schools in the near future.

Personally, I like it. Children are highly permeable and we need to be careful with what and how they get information. Do you think we should stick with the childhood obesity report card? Let us know in this poll.


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