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Healthy Eating Tips
Do This at Every Meal to Start Losing Weight Immediately
Healthy Eating Tips
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Healthy Eating Tips
How to Give Up Dairy When Cheese Is Your Everything

Fall Challenge: Give Up a Vice For Two Weeks

Give It Up For the Get Fit For 2010 Challenge

Fall is here, which means change is coming. And I'm not talking cooler temps, or the appearance of acorn squash at the market. I'm talking lifestyle changes, ladies. The way I see it, Summer is always sort of laid back, but now, it's time to reel it in. Say hello to the Give It Up challenge.

First, think of your vices. Next, give one up. Don't worry, the challenge is only for two weeks! That's long enough for you to imagine your life without this thing, but not go too crazy. I'll be giving up meat — goodbye tuna nigiri, turkey burgers, and, gulp, bacon. But in the process, I hope to learn more about eating a plant based diet, cooking fantastic vegetarian meals, and letting my body "detox" from all that Summer grilling I did.

I challenge you, FitSugar readers, to Give It Up with me and shake an unhealthy habit of your own for two weeks. And there is no shame in what your vice is — or isn't. For some, it's smoking or that chocolate bar that they have to have every day. For others, it may be too much dairy or TV time. Whatever you deem as being an unhealthy habit in your lifestyle is prime for the picking. Join the Get Fit For 2010 community group and share what you'll be giving up, and why. Update the group often with struggles, milestones, pictures, and even videos. We'll all be here to cheer you on!

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dfserine dfserine 6 years
Staying up late, like tonight. I really need to stop. I don't know why I do it. I just hate letting go of days.
TammyO TammyO 6 years
I guess I'll try to give up sugary foods like ice cream, chocolate or cakes and cookies...I can't give up honey though. that's out of the question!
Chelsea25 Chelsea25 6 years
Im a few days late but from the 15th September to the 27th (making 11 days) Im giving up sugar and processed food and BREAD! I think im addicted to bread I have to eat at least 3 slices a day and it may be wholewheat but i really hate the dependence. just alot of vegetables, veggies, and fish and water.
Loupy500 Loupy500 6 years
I'm going to give up fast food for the next 2 weeks. Even told my husband about it and he's going to do it with me. We go out too much and so I will be cooking dinner for the next 14+ nights. NO Exceptions!!!
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 6 years
Thanks for the idea and support, Fit. Just the push I need to give up my daily chocolate fix, it was getting out of hand.
Silje Silje 6 years
Great idea, Fit! I will be giving up chocolate and ice cream, starting right now! Going to look smokin' in a bikini for Christmas, this is just the push I need =)
Spectra Spectra 6 years
This sounds stupid, but my unhealthy habit is my messed-up sleeping habits. I'll go a few nights on barely any sleep and then when I get a day off, I sleep in until noon to catch up. It's not good for my system and I need to get on a regular sleep schedule again! I'm also reducing my Diet Coke intake to 2 cans a day. This is a dramatic improvement over the 5 cans I WAS drinking. So far, so good...water with lemon has been my friend this week!
bosworthfan bosworthfan 6 years
Even though I just ate 3 minature knock-off peppermint patties with milk, I just read this post, so therefore I am excluding my slip up just now. However, for the next two weeks I will vow to give up dessert. I do not eat too much of it, but I am still vowing to give it up. I am going to also attempt to give up eating out as well. Unless it is a farmer's market or something. I did both of these tonight but I am vowing for two weeks to not eat dessert or eat out. DONE and DONE :D
linzer linzer 6 years
I am going to give up Nutella. I have a small addiction - on my morning toast with peanut butter. Every. Morning.
pejxa pejxa 6 years
only half of my day has passed and i must say i miss the sugar rush already! which shows how much I was depending on it in the first place! this is going to be tougher than I thought!
Mippi Mippi 6 years
Sugar is out for two weeks! I just lost my job today (it was only a temp job, but still) so I treated myself to a Ben & Jerry's dinner (which I NEVER do). It made me feel like crap (as I knew it would), so the memory of this should be enough to take me through two weeks. I'm allowing myself a teaspoon of honey in the morning, though, because otherwise my breakfast is far too sour.
lighthouselady lighthouselady 6 years
I'm going to give up going to bed after midnight--in bed by 11:30 for the next 2 weeks.
inlove23 inlove23 6 years
The past week I've been eating so much crap food, but I just went grocery shopping yesterday to get back on track =) oragnic cereal +yogurt, strawberries, plums, peaches, and other healthy stuff galore! =)
penguin205 penguin205 6 years
ok - I'm giving up sweets and chocolate!! Been wanting to do this for ages but don't have the willpower all on my own!!
guavajelly guavajelly 6 years
insanitypepper, i'm kind of doing a primal challenge this month, but more like paleo with a twist. I want to cut out refined sugars and stick to sweeteners that are either whole foods (dates) or nutrient dense (coconut sap sugar, yacon sugar). i also want to dramatically up my veggies and be consistent with fitness. one day i dream of eating like a cavewoman, a modern day one though ;)
Zulkey Zulkey 6 years
Arg. I need to give up sugar is what I need, but of course I looked at my calendar and the next few weeks are sprinkled with events that involve eating dessert. I should just bite the bullet...or, I could give up cheese!
livepink livepink 6 years
This sounds great to me! Really need this right about now. I plan on giving up sweet food/sugar, which is definitely my biggest problem! While working in more protein and water.
pejxa pejxa 6 years
well then im going to give up anything sweet from chocolate to biscuits to ice cream! i need to detox my body from all this sugar!!! good luck everyone:)
insanitypepper insanitypepper 6 years
I'm doing the primal blueprint challenge this month, too. I think the hardest thing for me to ditch will be artificial sweeteners. I'll be travelling a lot this month, and I've come to rely on the little yellow packets for my coffee and the protein bars filled with sugar alcohols for meals on the go.
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