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Fall Fitness Tip: Add Fitness to Fall Activities

I've been giving you all sorts of great ways to transition your fitness into fall, but there are always more things we can do.

eDiets has created their own list and I am loving the idea of making seasonal activities a way to burn calories too:

If you live in certain regions of the country, there may be seasonal activities you want to partake in, such as taking a drive to see the leaves, attending your kids’ football or soccer practice or visiting a pumpkin patch. But instead of letting these things take up the time you’d normally use to exercise, combine the two. Don’t get in the car -- bring a bike to a nearby park and enjoy the foliage while you ride.

Rather than stopping at a local farm stand for apples and pumpkins, choose a farm where you can actually hike out to the orchard and pick them yourself, and at the football or soccer field, don’t just sit in the stands -- walk around the field as you watch.

You guys know I love multi tasking, so I'll definitely be taking this with me during all of my seasonal activities.


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Spectra Spectra 9 years
Every fall, my husband and I go for a really long bike ride on this trail by our house. It goes 20 miles north through the woods and we get to see all the great fall colors. It's definitely a nice fall activity.
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