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Fast Food Breakdown: French Fries

What is it about french fries that makes us crave them so? Is it the saltiness? The crispy outside and soft, warm inside? Is it that they make ketchup taste so good?

Well whatever the reason, people love them and fast-food joints know that. Unfortunately deep-fried foods aren't exactly healthy for us, which we know, but maybe seeing some actual numbers will help prevent us from ordering the super-size fries at Mickey D's next time.

Want to see the nutritional info? Then

Check out how a large-size order of fries compares at these popular fast-food chains.

Place Calories Trans Fat (g) Sodium (mg)
McDonald's 570 8 330
Burger King 500 6 820
Wendy's 540 1 550
Arby's Homestyle 566 1 1,029
Arby's Curly 631 1 1,476
Hardee's Regular 610 unknown 370
Hardee's Crispy Curls 480 unknown 1,190
A&W Regular 430 5.5 640
A&W Chili Cheese 400 4 990
In-N-Out Burger 400 0 245
Jack in the Box Natural Cut 640 10 1180
Jack in the Box Seasoned Curly 550 10 1,200
White Castle 700 11 560
Sonic Regular 280 0 135
Sonic Chili Cheese 450 .5 610
Dairy Queen 730 5 1,530
Carl's Jr. 620 unknown 380
Popeyes 310 1 660
KFC Potato Wedges 260 0 740

Whoa, hang on a sec. Did I read those numbers from Dairy Queen correctly? 730 calories and 1,530mg of sodium? Yikes. I've never tried their french fries but they better be the best-tasting potatoes in the world. White Castle's fries aren't too far behind with 700 calories and a whopping 11g of trans fat. The worst thing is that people eat these on the side. If french fries contain this many calories, I don't even want to think about what the total number of calories would be if you ate them along with a burger.

If these numbers don't make you steer clear of fast-food french fries, maybe this video about McDonald's preservatives will seal the deal. It's disgustingly shocking. It makes you realize that it's not only the trans fat, calories, and sodium that are unhealthy, but you have no idea what kind of crap and chemicals these fast-food chains are putting into their food, and how it'll negatively affect your body.


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