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Fat People Don't Go to Heaven? Since When?

Fat People Don't Go to Heaven? Since When?

The lengths that people will go to, just to lose weight, never cease to amaze me, but this method may take the cake.

Recently I have been hearing a lot about the Remnant Fellowship Church in Franklin, Tennessee. This church preaches about God and weight loss in the Weigh Down Diet program. Amazingly enough, Weigh Down is the most successful Christian weight loss program in the country, which has many people flocking to Gwen Shamblin (pictured), the leader of Remnant, like fixated moths to a bright light.

The basics of the Remnant Fellowship are this: overeating is a sin. Her book The Weigh Down Diet, which has sold over a million copies worldwide stresses the benefits of eating tiny bites and objects to exercising to offset your caloric intake. The scare tactics and shame methods keep followers in line by telling them overeating will result in hell.

The best part. Remnant does not allow theological debate, and free will is basically out the door. Shamblin directs those with questions to her 800 number.

My take on this whole thing: The best way to lose weight from the Weigh Down Diet is by running (very, very fast) in the opposite direction of the Remnant Fellowship. This diet is cult-like and unhealthy, not only for the body but for the mind as well. I am all for a support group when trying to get fit, but not a support group that tells you it's either weight loss or hell. Shamblin is making millions while her followers are contemplating suicide, that's just not right.

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