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Fattest State Revealed: Mississippi Again?

The results of a 2007 government survey given by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are in and it's not looking good for Mississippi. It seems this state has had the highest obesity rate every year since 2004, and they're still in the lead now. Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Louisiana are not far from the top of that list though, with more than 30 percent of the adults living there fitting into the obese category. The South has a larger concentration of rural residents and black women, two groups of people who tend to have higher rates of obesity. The typical Southern diet that's high in fat and rich with fried foods may be partly to blame.

So which state is the leanest? To find out


Ahh Colorado. I knew it. Only 19 percent of this state is considered obese. This state has a reputation of being active with its ski mountains, and biking and hiking trails, which encourages people to move a lot more.

This survey was conducted over the telephone and may not be as accurate, so the CDC hopes to conduct a new project where they actually go out and weigh people. I'd be curious to see if the results change.


Red315 Red315 9 years
After living in Mississippi for almost 2 years I can tell you why it will ALWAYS be the fattest state! I'm pretty sure I ate something fried everyday (I'm gagging right about now!) I mean sure you can eat healthy, but it is so hard when your not given many options. The Walmart was not up to par, the restaurants served things like fried pickles or tomatoes & mayo (NO JOKE), the nearest Whole Foods was 2 hours away or at least anything remotely appealing, and lets just say I wish I had made that drive more often than I did to Abner's Fried Chicken! After moving back to Dallas in January, I am still working on getting back to normal... slowly but surely I'm getting there!
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I live in Wisconsin and I know we're up there on the list of fattest states. It seems like every other person around here is either overweight or obese and hardly anyone works out. Plus, a lot of people eat a lot of meat and cheese and just about everyone drinks. My sister in law lives just outside Denver and when we went out to visit her, I was amazed at just how active everyone was...lots of bikers and trails to ride on, lots of runners, and lots of healthy restaurants.
cmill38 cmill38 9 years
Hailing from Louisiana,I can agree with Jesser. Our lifestyles are very different from other parts of the country. It doesn't help when the food is amazing, it's too hot and sticky to be outdoors for very long,and we consume more alcohol than the average. One thing Louisiana is doing to make its citizens aware that a healthy lifestyle is important is promoting "Louisiana Two-Step" campaign. The Two step is cajun dance but this play on words is a campaign encouraging people to make healthly eating choices and get moving/physically active. They're using local celebrities for commericals and print ads.
yasume yasume 9 years
I have two children and I am encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle as well. I even bought some little 1 pound pink weights for them.
mondaymoos mondaymoos 9 years
I wonder what the other four states on the top 5 healthiest are... Arizona has a lifestyle very similiar to CO and I bet it's up there on the list, too.
yasume yasume 9 years
I was born and raised in Tennessee (now living in Florida). All of my family is still in TN and I visit a couple of times a year or at least I try to anyway. I am also Black American and I can say that obesity is definitely a real issue. So much diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. I am passionate about working out and eating good healthy food so imagine what it is like when I visit TN. It is my mission to educate people more on the benefits and importance of a healthy lifestyle. I can remember when I lived in New Mexico. Outdoor activities such as mountain biking and hiking were normal.
jesser80 jesser80 9 years
Hailing from the "fittest state" and having previously lived in on of the fattest states (TN), I can definitely attest to some differences in lifestyle. Here, outdoors and fitness are THE THING. Everyone in my office bikes, hikes, runs, swims, skis. Back in TN it was way too sticky to even think about doing any of that stuff. It's much easier being healthy in CO than it was in TN.
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