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Favorite Excuse Not to Lift: I Don't Want Huge Arms

Favorite Excuse Not to Lift: I Don't Want Huge Arms

Strength training is known to tone your muscles, but many women skip it for fear that their arms will bulk up like a body builder. This is a very valid concern, but the truth is, muscle mass needs testosterone and heavy weight training in order to bulk up. Women have a much lower concentration of this hormone, so it's much harder for us to build enormously ripped muscles. That coupled with the fact that we're not lifting massive amounts of weight, so you don't need to worry about turning into the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger from a few weekly strength training sessions.

So now that you know lifting won't bulk up your arms and other muscles, I should remind you that strength training has many benefits. Not only does it define your muscles, it also makes you stronger so exercise and other physical activities will seem easier. It can also strengthen your bones, which lowers your risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. All that and it boosts your metabolism.

For tips on starting a strength training regimen,


For all these reasons, get started strength training with these six basic exercises. Then begin expanding your weight lifting horizons by doing exercises that incorporate dumbbells, machines, resistance bands, kettle bells, medicine balls, and no equipment at all. You'll become a stronger, fitter person overall, without monstrous muscles.

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