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We've all had those days when we hate everything we try on. Some how it makes us feel even worse when we go to put on our workout clothes. So many of the clothes advertised are way too tight, which can make us feel self-conscious about our bodies.

Since a lot of people are working out in the first place to lose weight and tone up, it doesn't make sense to ditch going to the gym because you don't think you look good enough to go - that's just silly.

Be proud of yourself for having the motivation to workout, and try to envision the body you hope to have - and know in your heart that if you stick to your exercise plan, you'll get there. In the mean time - just because other ladies are wearing sports bras and tiny spandex shorts, doesn't mean you have to. Here are some ideas:

For a bigger chest: Wear a minimizing sports bra like this one from Enell, or if you feel comfortable wearing one of those tank tops with the shelf bra built-in, wear a sports bra underneath it. It'll make your chest look smaller.

Want to hear more ideas? Then

For bigger legs: Who says you have to wear tight pants that look like they were painted on? Get yourself some baggier pants made out of thin material. I like these found by JKe895 - They're not too tight, and not so loose that they look like you're wearing a tablecloth. Plus, the white stripes down the sides give the illusion that your legs are longer than they really are.
For a bigger booty: You could definitely wear loose-fitting pants, but you might also think about trying a running skirt or skort. The one shown is made by prAna and called the Sugar Mini Skirt (love the name). I also like this one found by Brown_Sugar.
For a bigger belly: Ditch the teeny tight-fitting tanks, and opt for a looser fitting t-shirt over a sports bra. Or you could wear a warm-up jacket, like this one found by SU3.

Just so you know - you're not alone. Most people wish they could change something about themselves (that's part of the reason we workout in the first place).

Fit's Tips: If working out in public makes you feel too self-conscious, build your own home gym. Get yourself some kind of exercise machine to use at home (like a treadmill or stationary bike). Buying fitness DVDs is also a great option. You could also exercise with your friends - they'll offer the motivation and emotional support everyone needs.

Join The Conversation
SU3 SU3 10 years
Of course! Black stretchy pants are perfect for the gym! :)
bunnylebowsky bunnylebowsky 10 years
i can't even tell you how many pairs of black stretchy pants i own...staple of the gym wardrobe. :)
AMP AMP 10 years
Does anyone know if that bra is the one that Drew Barrymore raves about? She said she hated working out til she found this certain workout bra, and I remember the pic of it looked kinda like that one... like it hooked up the front or something. Does anyone know what bra I'm talking about b/c I'd love to find it. Right now I layer, a tight sports bra and then a full tank top length sports bra over that. Works best for me and my bigger chest.
inertia inertia 10 years
The women at my gym in Tokyo generally wear modest yet flattering workout clothes regardless of what their bodies look like. Skinny, fat, or somewhere in between, the vast majority of female members wear the same thing -- a fitted but sufficiently roomy t-shirt, and a pair of long boot-cut workout pants. I wear it too, it looks good on everyone and is very comfortable.
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
Im one of those girls if I dont have something I like to wear it takes me forever to get dressed....just to go to the gym, I know thats silly but I workout on a military base with tons of guys and if im not comfortable in what im wearing I dont want to go. I have always noticed this with some of my friends , when you are chunky or overweight sometimes it hard to go to the gym because you dont want people looking at you , being like that girl is fat , even though thats the point to go to the gym to lose weight. But sometimes it ends up being more of a meat market then sad
cutelilbunny cutelilbunny 10 years
I love the Nike jacket! It's simple, yet chic. My normal workout attire is a t-shirt and shorts. Quite frankly, I dont care how others view me when I'm at the gym. I'm there because I want to work out. Yeah, I envy the skinny girl with the toned belly, but that serves to motivate me to work harder, instead of feeling ashamed of my body.
haze1nut haze1nut 10 years
BIG SHIRTS and tight workout pants, yup that's how i do it :P but if it's a cardio dance class a tighter shirt is nicer to see your moves
sigmaration sigmaration 10 years
Do any of these come in plus sizes? I find it really tragic that it is so difficult to find quality workout gear in plus sizes. I would think this would be a successful market. Plus, It's hard to get motivated when everyone else is in real workout clothes and you're in an old ratty t-shirt and sweats or pajama pants.
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