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Favorite Excuse for Not Working Out: I Can't Afford it

Let's face it, gym memberships are expensive. Yoga and Pilates classes are not cheap either, and buying at home equipment is not exactly inexpensive. OK, so what is a budget conscious girl to do if she still wants to work out?

Here are some tips for working out on a budget.

  • Stairs are free. Take them when you can.
  • Exercise bands are inexpensive and they are a great option for resistance training.
  • Rent (or buy) exercise dvds. This way you can get a well rounded workout and not be committed to one single place with a monthly fee.
  • Get an exercise ball. They provide a wide range of exercises at a low cost.

Interested in learning more ways to exercise at home? Then

  • Get an all in one exercise system. I like Gym in a Bag because it offers a wide range of training options.

  • Start a group. Think about starting a neighborhood walking group or a mommy stroller group, this way you can get your heart rate up (and socialize) and it costs nothing.
  • Most parks are free and trails (and if they're not free then they're pretty cheap). Try doing pull ups on the monkey bars, or dips using a picnic table. If you're hitting the trails, bring trekking poles.
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