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I hear this excuse all the time, "I just hate the gym." I can understand why some folks genuinely hate the gym and prefer to work out outdoors, but some folks just use hating the gym as an excuse to not exercise. If this sounds a bit like you then take a look at the positive with a few of my ways to learn to love the gym:

  • Pick a gym that is easily accessible. Nothing makes going to the gym harder than deadlock traffic. Plus, if it's easy to get to then you'll be less likely to use getting there as an excuse for not going.
  • Mother Nature doesn't matter. The gym offers an all-weather, year-round place to exercise. No more missing workouts because it's raining or snowing.
  • Listen during your tour of the gym and take them up on any freebies being offered. I hate not knowing where things are, too. Not only did I ask a lot of questions on my gym tour, I immediately signed up for my free personal training session and gained a wealth of information on the machines and how to use them, etc.

That's not all, so


  • First day jitters go away. Your first day at the gym is like your first day at school, only way easier. The more you go, the more comfortable you feel.
  • There's plenty of variety. Any given gym has a large amount of weight and cardio machines, free weights, exercise balls, exercise classes, etc. All these things are at your dispense so appreciate the variety a gym has to offer and take advantage of it.
  • Day care. I love the great outdoors as much as the next girl, but the park where I like to run does not offer day care. My gym does.
  • It's a great place to meet people. I know this is not really why you are working out in the first place, but it's an added bonus. Whether you'd like an exercise buddy or a Friday night date, your gym could be the perfect place to find him or her.


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