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When it comes to taking care of yourself, you have no problem eating healthy and watching your calorie intake. That part is easy. It's the exercise part you have a problem with. You just hate it. Maybe you can't stand going to the gym, or working out in public. Maybe you hate running outside or on the treadmill because you can't breathe or it hurts your knee. Maybe you don't know how to use weight machines or dumbbells. Maybe you just don't like your exercise outfits, or maybe you just never liked exercise, period.

You're not alone. If you hate working out, then you probably haven't found the type of exercise that's right for you. There are millions of ways to move your body, and you've got to find one that speaks to you. It has to be fun, affordable, and cause no discomfort. It must also be convenient so you're more likely to stick with it, and it has to be effective so you see results. Here are some exercise ideas:

If you don't like exercising alone: Take fitness classes at a gym such as spinning, sign up for a group lesson with a trainer at your gym, or join a dodgeball team.

If you hate the gym and love the outdoors: Go for a hike up a steep mountain, hit some bike trails, or play Ultimate Frisbee.

If you think exercise is boring: Sign up for a hula hooping class, watch a movie on your iPod while using a cardio machine, or jump into a Circus Arts workshop.

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If you have knee or back pain: Use an elliptical, take up swimming, or do strength training with dumbbells or resistance bands.

If you don't like moving fast: Do yoga, Pilates, or go for a long walk with a friend.

If you just don't know what to do: Hire a personal trainer for a series of sessions. They'll help you figure out how to reach your goals, how to use machines at a gym, how to do exercises at home on our own, and can suggest new ways to exercise to prevent boredom.


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