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Favorite Wide-Legged Split

I'm so excited that so many of you sent in your Wide-Legged Split photos to the YOGA CHALLENGE Group. There were so many awesome photos, but I had to choose the one I liked best.

Suzanne, you and you husband's photos were my favorite. There's nothing I love more than people doing yoga together - way to inspire each other. Keep it up.

What a guy is right! He did more than give it a try. I'm very impressed.

But don't worry - you all have another chance to get your photo posted on FitSugar. Here's the latest challenge called Standing Bound Split pose. It's great for practicing your balance and working your hamstrings at the same time. Get into it from Bound Forward Bend pose.

Need another yoga challenge? Try doing Crow pose too.

Can't wait to see those pics. You can post them here.

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scratch5 scratch5 10 years
Right on man!!! I tried this pose and practically broke in two!!!!!
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