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Is the Fear of Germs Keeping You From Shaking Hands?

Do You Skip the Handshake For Fear of Germs?

It looks like Purell is trying to bring the handshake back. According to a survey conducted by the hand-sanitizing giant, "two in five Americans have hesitated to shake someone’s hand out of fear of germs." With stats like that and cold and flu season fast approaching, the handshake greeting might go the way of fins of cars.

Of course Purell offers that a squirt of its germ killing gel could bring the cordial greeting back to life, although the company admits the classic handshake is waning in popularity in general: "four in five Americans agree that people are shaking hands less frequently than they did 25 years ago." The fist bump is just cooler, and with the limited hand contact of the gesture fewer germs can be passed between friends and acquaintances.

I am wondering about you . . .

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