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February Is National Cherry Month: Learn Nutritional Facts About Cherries

How Well Do You Know Cherries?

It seems odd to me that February is National Cherry Month — the earliest I ever see cherries at my farmers market is in May. But George Washington will forever be associated with cherry trees, and since February is his b-day month, it sort of makes sense that cherries get thrown into the party.

Being such a lover of all things cherry, I usually don't wait until the Summer to indulge in this sweet treat. Besides eating dried cherries, I sometimes indulge in a little cherry juice or jam too. How well do you think you know this superfood? Take my quiz to find out.

How Well Do You Know Cherries?

Which of the following benefits has been linked to cherries?

Join The Conversation
KatyCat KatyCat 7 years
3 out of 5. not bad concidering i guessed on all.
misskacie misskacie 7 years
Too bad the Washington/cherry tree story is only folklore, not fact Yes, I'm a know-it-all today. ;)
lemuse20 lemuse20 7 years
For someone who eats and loves cherries whenever they're in season, I know nothing about em! 1 out of 5, ohhh yeah.
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