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Keeping a food journal to track what you eat each day can be a great weight loss tool. It helps prevent mindless eating and ensures you're getting all the nutrients you need; here's one to print out to get you started.

But even the best healthy eating intentions can be sabotaged by intense food cravings — especially when they're tied to PMS. So lately, I'm also writing down the foods I don't eat — specifically, the cravings I manage to resist.

Reading back on my journals, I've noticed a pattern. I'll often be grappling with a food craving so intense, it feels like indulging it (even just a little) is the only solution. But I'll fight back with a food-craving killer like eating something healthy instead, and I'll proudly record my success, along with how I felt afterward.

Hours later, when I read back on the note, it seems silly that the craving, now passed, was causing me such grief. It's a good reminder that sometimes those really intense cravings can indeed be fended off.

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