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Fit Find Faves: Earth Friendly Finds

Earth Day is this Sunday (4/22) and thought I would share some recent Fit Finds that will help celebrate taking care of our planet. Check 'em out!!!!

SU3 found this great program.
Nike Reuse a Shoe Program. They will recycle your old sneaks no matter the brand.
Thinking about riding a bike to work, instead of driving everyday? atkoester found this cool
Trek Lime Bicycle. I think riding this bike would make any commute so much better. Plus it is GREEN!!!
I love gardening and am always on the search for a good pair of gloves. lorioz found these gloves by Garden Essentials that are tough but flexible.

Check out what other Sugar users are bookmarking as Fit Finds. Chances are high you will find something to satisfy the happy, healthy you. If you want to lean more about bookmarking in the Sugar pages, read geeksugar's excellent tutorial.

If you find anything out there that helps you stay happy and healthy, do bookmark it and share it with us.

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