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Fit Find Faves: Great Gear

I was checking out the recent Fit Finds and Sugar readers have bookmarked all sorts of cool wearable gear to help you become a healthy, happy you.

Looking for a little support? asco00 bookmarked a great sports bra, and andieself found some cute capris. Bonus: They are on sale!!!

I am always on the hunt for running socks, the pair bookmarked by who says they are the best. Play tennis in style wearing this classy dress found by montaglookalike. Or run in style wearing Nike shorts bookmarked by SU3.

Check out what other Sugar users are bookmarking as Fit Finds. Chances are high you will find something to satisfy the happy, healthy you. If you want to lean more about bookmarking in the Sugar pages, read my buddy geeksugar's excellent tutorial.

If you find anything out there on the web that helps you stay happy and healthy, do bookmark it and share it with us.

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