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Fit Find Faves: Healthy Websites

I was checking out the recent Fit Finds and Sugar readers have bookmarked all sorts of cool web sites to help you become a healthy, happy you.

Sugar user Elizabeth1981 has great taste in websites - she bookmarked Calorie King one of my favorite sites!!!

If you are looking to eat lower on the food chain, nurdburd13 has an e-book about going vegetarian for you to read.

I'm a fan of SparkPeople and so is tfredhead. Looks like woodycakes believes in the importance of stretching just like me!!!

DesignRchic bookmarked Ex Rx exercise and muscle dictionary. I like this workout music playlist site that Tanyapt put into the Fit Finds.

Check out what other Sugar users are bookmarking as Fit Finds. Chances are high you will find something to satisfy the happy, healthy you. If you want to lean more about bookmarking in the Sugar pages, read my buddy geeksugar's excellent tutorial.

If you find anything out there on the web that helps you stay happy and healthy, do bookmark it and share it with us.

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