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Weddings call for many celebrations, but all those parties don't need to be formal affairs. There are many fun ways for you to celebrate your engagement and bring guests together without having to stress about seating arrangements. Here are a few of my ideas for healthy and fun engagement parties.

Garden party: In my mind, a garden party is just a little more formal than a BBQ, but games are a featured activity nonetheless. You can play badminton and croquet. The Italian lawn game bocce ball is a fun way to engage (pun intended) guests of all ages. I also like that the Italian word for kiss, bacio, sounds a lot like bocce — it adds a romantic twist to the game.

Healthy cooking class: Many chefs, restaurants, and catering companies offer hands-on cooking classes, where every guest gets to play chef. Guests are placed into small groups to prepare different dishes. At the end of the class, you all sit down to eat the feast you created. Many of these schools allow you to participate in planning the menu, so you can opt for healthier fare.

See my third idea when you


Square dance: How long has it been since you have been to a square dance? Not only does a square dance offer the perfect opportunity to wear your fave cowboy boots, but you will also burn some serious calories while you do-si-do. This is a great way for everyone to mingle.

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croquet is amazingggg.
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