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Here we are not yet into Summer and many of us are already getting bored with our workout routines. Feeling bored after doing something more than once or twice is totally normal. Why do you think I use a different cardio machine every time I go to the gym? Doing the same cardio over and over again would bore me to tears. The same thing goes for my outdoor workouts too.

If you're starting to feel bored in your outdoor workouts then try something as simple as changing up the route you take. Whether you're on bike or on foot, a new route may provide enough variety to keep you motivated for a few weeks. When you get bored with your new route, time to switch it up again! There is no rule that says you have to do the same thing everyday, so don't.


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ahaynes ahaynes 8 years
Switch it up is my running motto! I find that I run a lot longer if I don't know what's ahead. When I get to the point when I can say "ugh! three more blocks" that's when I want to quit.
GinaSnyder GinaSnyder 8 years
Great idea -- I've completely memorized the route by my house, to the point of, "3 mile marker around the tree, coming up." Totally not good.
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i agree that having new surroundings to look at make a run easier, but for me, it's hard running when i don't know how far i'm going or what route i'm taking if i am just making it up as i go. i end up kinda running slow and feel...i dunno, weird about it. my helpful hint: plan your route ahead of time and drive it in the car to measure the distance before you go. it will make for a more productive run.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I wish I had a buddy to run outsode with. :(
Advah Advah 8 years
Very good point, Fit! I noticed I really have to keep myself distracted when I go for a run, otherwise I only think of how tired, hot, achy I feel! I usually pick between 2-3 routes, and when I go back to one I haven't seen in a few days, it feels great to notice that this time I was able to run all the way through and not walk for a part of time like the previous time. :)
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