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I don't blame you. You skip out on stretching your hamstrings after a run because they're tight, they hurt, and you hate stretching. Or you plan your bike ride specifically so you don't have to trek it up any hills because they make your thighs burn. You're not alone. Many exercisers don't like struggling with things they aren't naturally good at, so they tend to avoid exercises that really challenge them. I know you're not going to like what I have to say, but the types of exercise that we aren't good at are exactly what we need to spend more time on. They're the ones that will strengthen weak muscles, build our endurance, and make us more balanced overall. They can also help to prevent injuries that can occur from repeating the same types of movements. So whether you're avoiding squats, crunches, hills, push-ups, or stretching, make a conscious effort to add these moves to your routine two or three times a week. After a while, they'll become a little easier, and you might actually begin to like them.

Fit's Tip: Obviously, skip an exercise you hate if it aggravates an injury.


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