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Fit Tip: Don't Be So Competitive All the Time

Fit Tip: Don't Be So Competitive All the Time

After reading about Dara Torres's shoulder surgery last week, I wanted to remind you that it is OK not to be competitive all the time. Since none of us are vying for a spot on an Olympic team (if any of you are please let me know), it pays to listen to your body and avoid overuse injuries. Nagging aches and pains are your joints way of asking you to ease up and let your running buddy beat you up the hill. This also means, you do not need to always be trying to beat your personal best, be it in running, cycling, swimming. Sometimes just working out is just enough.

I really respect Dara's determination, but it is important to respect your body and its limits as well.


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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that it's human nature to be competitive and it's hard to break habits like that. for myself - it's not necessarily beating my times or anything like that - but instead it's increasing my endurance or level of my workout - so i do tend to push myself hard sometimes. i think that i feel less successful at my workout if i don't push myself constantly but i have to remember that i shouldn't push quite so hard otherwise i'll end up hurting myself.
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