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Fit Tip: Prevent Dehydration

Heat exhaustion and its more serious counterpart heat stroke are not to be trifled with. One way to prevent both is to avoid becoming dehydrated. Athletes and avid exercisers are at risk of dehydration if they sweat profusely and don't replenish themselves while working out.

Symptoms of dehydration include feeling dizzy, lightheaded, dry mouth or throat, stomach cramps, and not urinating or producing dark-colored urine. If you notice these symptoms, hydrate yourself immediately with water. To prevent dehydration in the first place, be sure to drink water throughout your day. If you're not sure how much water you should consume daily, then check out Fit's calculator to find out. If you plan on exercising, drink eight ounces of water 20-30 minutes beforehand. Continue to drink four to eight ounces every 10 to 15 minutes of exercise, and drink at least eight ounces after your workout is complete.

Do know that you can overhydrate and experience symptoms of hypnotremia, a condition where the sodium in your blood is diluted by excess water. In really hot, sweaty conditions it is beneficial to drink a sports drink fortified with sodium and electrolytes.


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Gluconature Gluconature 5 years
It said in the Traditional Chinese Medicine that: " Extreme heat gives rise to wind" . Do you like Traditional Chinese Medicine, you could load my website:
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
That model in that stock photo has pretty hair. I have hair envy now. :) I'm in the process of growing out my hair, and I tend to notice long, healthy hair.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Yeah, if the Smart Water has asparginine in it (it's an amino acid), it can make your urine smell really weird. It also naturally occurs in asparagus (that's what it was named after) and it's completely harmless. I definitely have to keep on top of my hydration in the summer because I sweat SO MUCH more when I work out. Like, a ridiculous amount...I create lakes of sweat in the pedals of the elliptical machine. I eat enough salt to prevent hyponatremia, but it's sometimes hard for me to drink enough during my workouts. I have to remind myself to keep drinking so I don't get lightheaded.
Swedeybebe Swedeybebe 9 years
i find it hard to find a balance with staying hydrated. i've never been too dehydrated before, but i have had hyponotremia (not fun!!). since then, i've been better with my electrolytes. anyway, when i ride i have one water bottle filled with water, and the other filled with cytomax electrolyte drink. same for when i run, in my fuel belt bottles too.
duffy duffy 9 years
Thanks, Renee, for the comment. I was thinking that it might be along the same lines as asparagus, since Smart Water has electrolytes in it. I'm a water junkie, for sure.
ibiteback ibiteback 9 years
today was so hot when I went out and biked. i never drink enough though, it is hard to force myself to stop and drink up. But I just got this really cool water bottle so hopefully I will be drinking more soon! About a year ago though I over did it with water and so i always get afraid that that will happen again.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
duffy - I've never had that happen with water, when I eat asparagus my pee smells weird so maybe the Smart Water has some of the same thing in it. As for drinking water, it's so hot here that I tend to drink a lot, but I take vitamin that turn my pee neon. Also, whenever I'm hungry I drink some water first to be sure I'm not actually just thirsty. Helps me stay hydrated all day!
duffy duffy 9 years
I have a weird question about water. I like drinking that Smart Water, but a couple of weeks ago I had a really weird thing happen. I was at a conference in Atlanta, so I was drinking more Smart Water than usual. And really oddly, I started noticing that my urine smelled bad. Or, at least, it was just really noticeable. I got all self-conscious about it, so I only drank more (Smart) water, and the problem just got even worse. As soon as I was back in my element with regular Brita and tap water, I was back to normal. Has anyone else noticed this? I know - I apologize, it's gross.
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