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Fit Tip: Walk Around on Your Tiptoes

Tip Toe to Tone!

If you're looking to tone up your calves, take some time out of your day to do this: instead of walking on the entire sole of your foot, keep your heel lifted with each step and walk on the ball of your foot. Walking on tiptoes is not just for ballerinas. Toe walking isolates and strengthens your calve muscles. Not only will they look toned, but strong calves will make running up hills, hiking, and biking much easier.

Get creative with your toe walking: do it up and down the stairs, walk to your mailbox on your tip toes, or while talking on the phone. You can also stand in one spot and lift and lower both of your heels for one minute. It is a creative everyday way to fit some fitness into your life. Just remember to stretch your calves, too.

Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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