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FitSugar Gear Review of Skechers Shape-Up Shoes

Fit Review: Skechers Shape-Ups

I'm not gonna lie about it . . . I was a Cliff Notes kind of girl back in my high school days. It took college to make me realize the little yellow and black books weren't all they were cracked up to be, as is the case with many shortcuts in life. Same goes with the Skechers Shape-Ups ($100). When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, I told him I wanted to try the new Skechers. I figured I could "cheat" my way to a set of tighter buns, slimmer hips, and more muscular gams. While I might have achieved my end goal, I'm not sure the magic was in the sneakers.

Ready to see my review of the Skechers Shape-Ups?

Having used the MBTs before, I was reluctant to switch over to the Skechers brand, but I was more hesitant to invest in yet another pair of expensive MBTs. The Skechers were a little sassier looking (read: dark and easy to hide under my Lululemon yoga pants) and certainly less expensive than their competition. So I decided I would do a bit of a comparison and see if these Skechers were all they were cracked up to be. To be sure I wasn't making a mistake, I tried both the MBTs and Skechers Shape-Ups on side-by-side in the shoe department. I could tell a small difference just walking around the store. The MBTs definitely had my muscles working a tad harder but was sure I would feel the Skechers working just as well when I got them home. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Comfortable? Yes. The Skechers are very comfy. I have no problem keeping my balance or walking around in them. Cute? About as cute as any high platform sneaker is going to be, which in my opinion, is not all that cute. They are not as bright and obvious as some of the stark white options that I would choose for my grandmother's orthopedic shoes, but they aren't hideous either. While cute and comfortable may be important, what it really boils down to is do they work? I can't say for sure that they didn't help me trim down a bit, but I don't feel the burn like I do in MBTs. They do encourage me to walk more and kick up the speed on my outings, which is probably the contributing factor to my toning. The only time I feel more of a workout than I would in normal sneakers is when I walk on an incline. My legs have to work harder to stay balanced, which helps tone the leg muscles. They also made me stand up a little straighter. Better posture wasn't my goal when wearing them, but it turned out to be a nicely added benefit.


If I had my druthers, I think I would have shelled out the extra $150 for the legit MBTs. Of course, you know, I could actually do some squats, leg lifts, or calf raises and skirt the whole toning shoes all together. What's your take on the Shape-Up shoes?

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