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FitSugar Pop Quiz

Each day I bring you lots and lots of great health and fitness information. So how well have you been paying attention? Take this pop quiz to find out.

Oh, and you can find all the answers in posts from this week if you feel like doing a little studying!


FitSugar Pop Quiz

T/F: Sleeping on a firm mattress can help reduce back pain.

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n_i_k n_i_k 9 years
cottonpoots cottonpoots 9 years
Eek, 1/6 for me as well.
Le_silla Le_silla 9 years
4/6 i don't read about starbuck because we don't have it here and the bed question
melda melda 9 years
we don't have starbucks, id on't watch biggest loser and thats why 3/6
AMP AMP 9 years
As always, I get the biggest loser question wrong.
VicVicVictooriaa VicVicVictooriaa 9 years
5/6 because i dont watch biggest loser or pay attention to the posts that feature it.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Not bad :)
misslarue misslarue 9 years
5/6. Not bad.
mtiger mtiger 9 years
Yay! 6 out of 6!
red4bonez red4bonez 9 years
aaah 1 out of 6 i always do bad :-(
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