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FitSugar Quiz on Juices

Juiced Up: Do You Know Your Facts?

I'm all juiced up and feeling pretty good about it. From tasty smoothies to simple orange juice, I rely on the vitamin-rich liquids to keep my energy up and my immune system ticking. And sometimes they even replace an entire meal. When that happens, I have to make sure I know which juices to turn to for the best nutritional value. Do you know your juices?

Juiced Up: Do You Know Your Facts?

Which juice has the most vitamin A per serving?

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sarasonne sarasonne 6 years
When it comes to juices, isn't asking which has the most carbs, sugar and calories, nearly the same thing?
bellakaoru bellakaoru 6 years
I've always wondered if fruit juice was good or not- I know it's fairly high in sugar but it's better than no fruit at all, right? Right?
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