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Fitness Advice From Celebrity Trainers

Hollywood Fitness Advice From the Twitterverse

A while back, we shared with you that celebrity trainers are using Twitter, which is great for us ordinary folk. Following celeb trainers on Twitter is a great way to get the same advice that clients like Lauren Conrad, Lady Gaga, and Anne Hathaway get, except we don't have to pay! I know that a tweet isn't like getting a one-on-one boot camp workout with David Kirsch, but if he's handing out free fitness advice, I'm listening.

Check out the latest tweets from our celeb trainers — there's some pretty useful advice on how we can all stay healthy and fit during this holiday season.

  • Jarret Del Bene (Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port): "Make sure you use a challenging weight that allows you to complete your desired reps when performing exercises."
  • David Kirsch (Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway): "I'm hearing more people say they are going to start exercising in January. Don't put off what is good for your body today."
  • Harley Pasternak (Lady Gaga, Vanessa Williams): "I am obsessed with Soba noodles. They are high in protein, selenium, and zinc and are gluten free. Japanese diets rule!"

To see what Biggest Loser trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper are tweeting,


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